A work in progress...

Putting in the time

Levi Fletcher

Well, the site is up and now it’s about putting in the time and effort. Consistency. To that end, a little video to set the mood.

That consistency is going to take a number of forms. One of those will be blogging regularly. Not just writing about what’s new and going on, but writing that invites and, really, asks for feedback and discussion. These first few posts probably won’t do that so much, but I think right now it’s about putting the time in “the gym” and building some new habits.

If you go around the site much, you’ll notice that pretty much nothing works. Most links don’t actually go anywhere, there is a login button and search tool that don’t do anything, etc. I’ve removed most of the template that I don’t plan on using, but the things remaining are the tools that I WANT to be part of this site - I just need to figure out how to get them up and running. They are my “to do list” for the coming month or two. Gotta put the time in. It's not going to happen overnight, but over time, this actually might come together and be a pretty useful site :)